Some powerful features of DJIAfterFlight include:

  • display vector data from the flight itself including positions & look-angles for each image
  • turn on/off the streaming background map (internet required) and change map layers
  • display image thumbnails (when yaw/pitch/roll information present)
  • display a single piece of EXIF information on screen for every image at once
  • show pointing arrows for flight direction at time of each image capture
  • show individual image footprints (when yaw/pitch/roll information present)
  • ability to search for specific metadata by typing
  • copy selected image file(s) to a new folder
  • ability to export EXIF, XMP and specific DJI metadata in a highly customizable text file format
  • customize on-screen display (display colors, etc)
  • ability to export all EXIF/XMP metadata in a variety of file formats including tab-delimited text, .csv comma-separated values, XML format & also JSON format
  • show/hide various on-screen elements to help generated screengrabs for reports etc
  • quickly review imagery on-site before leaving to ensure nothing has been missed
  • extremely fast to load data and user-friendly interface for data manipulation & viewing
  • compatible with imagery from any source where GPS information is stored in the image headers
  • sort and colour-code the display based on user-selectable metadata [coming soon]
  • compare planned aerial missions from DJIFlightPlanner with actual captured data using DJIAfterFlight [coming soon]
  • plus more !

We are constantly updating and improving DJIAfterFlight. Paid customers will be entitled to all updates & patches for free – there are no nasty hidden costs or fees over time. Also, in a future version we are planning on adding support for importing your own background maps, which will allow for comparing imaging results over time and/or also in remote locations where background imagery may not be up-do-date. This is also often the case at mine sites where open pits and stockpiles change regularly.

Contact us to request your free demonstration version of DJIAfterFlight today !